First Responder of the Year

In the face of adversity law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel are the unsung heroes who keep our cities, towns, and villages safe. During the floor session on Tuesday, October 26th, the Wisconsin State Assembly recognized one first responder from each Assembly District for achievements above and beyond the heroism displayed by all on a daily basis.

I was honored to recognize Emergency Medical Technician: Paramedic Tyler Rodriguez from Gold Cross Ambulance as the First Responder of the Year for the 40th Assembly District.  

On an evening too foggy for a helicopter to fly, EMT: P Rodriguez and his partner had to drive a patient 48 miles to a hospital equipped in handling an emergent heart procedure. During the ride the patient went into fatal arrhythmias. Tyler recognized and treated the condition, safely delivering the patient to the cardiac hospital. At the hospital the patient received the required cardiac procedure and was released 2 days later. Displaying fast action in the face of adversity, EMT: P Rodriguez’s knowledge, quick response, and critical thinking saved his patient’s life.

It is never easy to pick a winner, as every first responder is deserving of this award. Tyler, like all first responders goes above and beyond the call to serve. Altogether in Wisconsin, there are over 9,400 career firefighters, 13,700 law enforcement officers, 9,900 career EMS personnel, and over 23,000 volunteer firefighters and EMS providers.

Wisconsin’s first responders are indeed the unsung heroes of our communities. Please join me in thanking each and every person whose sacrifices and dedication keep Wisconsin a safe place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.