COVID-19 Executive Orders
Order #12: Safer at Home
Order #11: PSC admin rule suspension
Order #10: DPI admin rule suspension
Order #9: DOC admissions moratorium
Order #8: Updated mass gathering ban

Order #7: DWD unemployment insurance
Order #6: Size of child care settings
Order #5: Prohibiting mass gatherings of 10 people or more
Order #4: Prohibiting mass gatherings of 50 people or more
Order #3: DCF admin rule suspension
Order #2: DOT permits for grocery supply
Order #1: Statewide school closure
Executive Order #72  

Below are links from federal, state, and local governments regarding COVID-19 and potential resources available to individuals. As always, please reach out to my office directly via phone or email if you need assistance working with state government. 

DHS: COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease)
DHS: Outbreaks in Wisconsin (Updated at 2pm daily)
DWD unemployment COVID-19 stats

For up-to-date information from the federal government, please visit the Center for Disease Control website: Center for Disease Control

For up-to-date information specific to the state of Wisconsin, please visit the state of Wisconsin’s COVID-19 website: Wisconsin Updates

For more information from the Department of Health Services: Department of Health Services

If you need to file for unemployment, please visit the Department of Workforce Development’s website. They recommend you begin the filing process online in order to avoid unnecessary wait-times:Department of Workforce Development

For more information regarding schools across the state and guidance from the Department of Public Instruction: Department of Public Instruction
For more information regarding childcare from the Department of Children and Families: 
Department of Children and Families

For more information at the local level, see below: 

Dodge County

Washington County