Friday, February 5, 2021


This week the State Legislature passed Senate Joint Resolution 3, repealing the illegal, continual emergency orders Governor Evers has placed on our state for nearly 9 months.

It is dangerous to just allow something illegal and unintended consequences can result. Imagine in a future election that a Republican becomes governor. That governor could issue an emergency order for 60 days, but then that order is illegally extend beyond that period of time. The extension of that order adds another mandate that is unilaterally issued without working with the legislature as prescribed by law. There would be outrage and citizens demanding that the legislature roll back this illegal action. But as opposition argues its legality, that governor could point back to the precedent set by the lack of enforcement when Tony Evers engaged in the same illegal act. After all, it's for the sake of keeping our citizens safe, right? Studies show the benefits of the mandate. That's a good thing and the majority of people approve, so we should let it go, right?

Wrong. The legislature is a co-equal branch of government and the law is clear in saying that the governor must work with us after his 60 day emergency order. Tony Evers is breaking the law and trying to rule by fiat. That endangers every citizen as our rule of law and constitutional form of government is thwarted.

Yesterday, Tony Evers once again showed he has zero respect for the law and his oath of office. He also proved that he has no desire to work with the legislature, despite our numerous requests since last July that he follow the process and submit rules to lawmakers. It is past time that the Wisconsin Supreme Court rule on this lawlessness.


As we strive to show bipartisan cooperation, Assembly GOP members sent a letter to Governor Evers requesting that he follow the clear procedures laid out in statute by having his DHS secretary-elect utilize the rulemaking process, as many other governors of both parties have done.

To reiterate, Governor Evers does not possess the legal authority to extend the emergency order indefinitely! He DOES have the authority to attempt to accomplish his goals through the rules process, which, according to state statute, requires legislative involvement.

This past year, I was one of the few legislators to stand up against the governor's illegal mandates and my position has remained same, contrary to popular speculation. I continue to share with individuals that while I do not support the Governor implementing illegal mandates, I highly support and encourage local businesses to implement practices as they see fit. I myself wear a mask when in public and abide by local regulations.



This week, Rep. Dittrich's office has received several contacts regarding a potential tax deduction on PPP loans.

Leaders of the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means as well as the Senate "CPA Caucus" have a legislative fix for this issue in process. Look for it to come forward later this month.

WI businesses with 'tax-free' PPP loans owe 'thousands' in taxes


The Joint Legislative Audit Committee will be holding a hearing on February 11, 2021, at 11 AM regarding elections administration in Wisconsin.

Individuals wishing to testify can register online with the committee directly. The hearing can also be viewed remotely on WisEYE.

2021-2023 STATE BUDGET

Governor Evers’ first budget recommendation included an 8.3% increase in spending. This would have been the largest increase in nearly 20 years! Legislative Republicans stepped in and passed a budget that funded priorities while also keeping excessive spending in check. We need to budget responsibly, just like Wisconsin businesses and families do every day.

Governor Evers’ first budget raised taxes by over $1 billion. Luckily, Republicans in the Legislature were able to step in and craft a budget which cut taxes by $412 million. Governor Evers, don’t send the Legislature another budget with massive tax hikes on Wisconsinites.

In his first budget, Governor Evers proposed increasing property taxes. Republicans, on the other hand, have provided over $5 billion in property tax relief since 2014.


Join Rep. Dittrich's office in welcoming new intern, Julia to the team! She is a constituent from Waterloo and recent graduate of Lake Mills High School. We could not be happier to have her on board.

Rep. Dittrich was honored to be presented with the Dairy Business Association's 2020 Legislative Excellence Award. Getting to know the issues of our state’s farmers has been one of her greatest privileges since being first elected to the Assembly.

Rep. Dittrich hopes you're keeping warm as you observe Wear Red Day today! We wear red each year on this occasion to remind you all that the #1 killer of women in America is cardiovascular disease. It surely doesn't spare men either. Today rethink what you're doing to keep your heart healthy.