Friday, February 12, 2021


This week, the Joint Committee on Review of Administrative Rules and Joint Legislative Audit Committee had hearings regarding the election integrity.

Rep. Dittrich knows how important it is that Wisconsinites feel confident in the integrity of their votes.

These hearings are an important step in ensuring our elections are conducted properly, making sure everyone's voice is heard at the ballot box.


Tuesday, February 16th, the Assembly is scheduled to take up Assembly Bill 2 (AB 2) and Assembly Bill 3 (AB 3). These bills have been drafted to remedy the PPP taxation issue.

Both of these bill were considered in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee (on which Rep. Dittrich serves), the Senate Committee on Committee on Financial Institutions and Revenue, and the Joint Finance Committee.

Wisconsin legislators are keenly aware of how much this issue impacts our small businesses who have fought to stay functional during the COVID-19 crisis. That is why we hope to have this bill passed through both chambers of the Legislature and to the Governor’s desk for signature in short order.


The Assembly Committee on Health heard and passed the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) legislation bill this week that contains several features to assist with making prescriptions more affordable for Wisconsinites.

PBM’s don’t do research and development. They don’t see patients. Yet, they capture the greatest profits in the healthcare ecosystem. While free market businesses have every right to make a profit, the practices of PBM’s were revealed to be predatory and unfriendly to patients in the drafting of this legislation.

Rep. Dittrich's hope is that this bill will make it to the Governor’s desk with bipartisan support this month.

2021-2023 STATE BUDGET

Since 2013, Republican tax cuts have resulted in the typical Wisconsin family paying over $550 less in taxes in 2021.

Last session, Governor Evers vetoed two massive tax cuts for middle and low-income families. The Governor’s first budget proposal also included tax hikes of over $1 billion.

This week, the Joint Finance Committee voted to put Wisconsin kids first. The plan approved in committee incentivizes school districts to get our children back in the classroom while also rewarding those school districts who have already started to do so.

JFC Puts Kids First, Rewards In-Person Schools


Rep Dittrich poses with Hartland Chief Torin Misko and Waukesha Chief Daniel Thompso.n

This week, Rep. Dittrich met with the Waukesha County Sheriff & members of the Waukesha County Chiefs Association to go over proposed law enforcement oversight legislation. It is critical to get the input of our law enforcement leaders on these bills.