E-Update: October 25, 2019


Length of Service Award Bill for
Volunteer Emergency Service Providers

I recently introduced a new bill with Senator Patrick Testin that would increase the funding allocations for The Service Award Program. This program is a retention and recruitment tool for volunteer firefighters, first responders and emergency medical technicians. The program provides funds for volunteers based on how long they have served. The Department of Administration (DOA) pays a state match of up to $390 per award each fiscal year based on the amounts municipalities contribute. 

In recent weeks, volunteers have reached out to their legislators to let them know there isn't adequate funding to honor the service awards that volunteers are due. To fix the problem, I worked with Senator Testin on this bill to increase program funding. These men and women are the heroes in our communities and we have a responsibility to honor the commitment we made to them.  

Forest Products Week


This week we're celebrating Forest Products Week in Wisconsin! We're fortunate to have millions of acres of forestland, which covers almost half of the state and supports numerous forest products companies. The industry generates billions of dollars in goods and services annually and employs many people statewide. Forest Products Week is a way we can raise awareness of the forest products we produce in Wisconsin and recognize the people who work in and care for our forests.

In light of Forest Products Week, I'm holding an informational hearing next week for the Forestry, Parks & Outdoor Recreation Committee, which I chair. An informational hearing is a special type of committee meeting where instead of discussing specific bills, invited experts and agency staff come in to provide information to the members on a specific subject.

  • The Wisconsin Forest Practices Study - speakers will discuss the background of the study, its findings, and next steps
  • Mass Timber - speakers will provide a general background, information on its use in Wisconsin including the Milwaukee Ascent Project, and possible next steps

This should be a very educational committee meeting for all of us.  I am interested in learning about the advances we're making in the forest industry how we can help improve and support the industry in Wisconsin for future generations. 

Question of the Week:
Test Your Wisconsin Forestry Knowledge

To celebrate Forest Products Week in Wisconsin, I thought I'd test your knowledge of our forestry industry! The answers come from the DNR and the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association, which I'll share in next week's e-update! 

Click here to test your Wisconsin Forestry Knowledge

Last Week's Results:
Non-Partisan Redistricting

These results represent responses to last week's question from constituents of the 36th Assembly District that I received as of this morning. After reading the comments and responses from last week's question and looking over the bill, I've decided to add myself as a co-sponsor. If you would like to see a list of current co-sponsors or read over the bill, it can be found on the legislative website.

Non-Partisan Redistricting graph.JPG

Blue Books are Here!

Blue Book.JPG

The 2019-20 Wisconsin Blue Books are finally in and ready to be sent out to residents of the 36th Assembly District! Blue Books have been printed biennially ever since 1853, and have become a great resource for residents on government and history. If you'd like to receive a complimentary Blue Book, please fill out the form on my website. The Blue Book can also be viewed online

The great thing about Wisconsin's Blue Book is that it is intended to be readable and usable for civics classes in schools, so that knowledge of how Wisconsin's government works is accessible for all. A companion study guide is also available and contains questions about state government and interesting facts about Wisconsin. Check it out if you'd like to test your Blue Book knowledge!

Drug Take-Back Day: October 26

Drug Take Back Day.jpg

This Saturday, a number of local police departments, pharmacies and hospitals will be taking part in Wisconsin Department of Justice's Drug Take-Back Day. The goal of the event is to keep opioids and other drugs and medications from polluting our water or ending up in the wrong hands. 

The complete list of what is and is not accepted can be found on the Department of Justice's website. To find a location near you, check out the Dose of Reality's interactive map.

Upcoming Events in the District

The following are just a few events that will be occurring soon around or near the 36th Assembly District. Please let me know if you have an event you would like to have considered for inclusion on this list.

Follow the Legislative Action

In order to stay up to date on any legislation, proposals, or your legislator, a free notification service is available through the Wisconsin State Legislature's website. You can sign up for nightly personalized email notifications based on our state's legislative activity. This is a wonderful way to stay informed about state politics and proposals that you are interested in.

Contacting My Office

My office is here to help you with both general inquiries and questions or concerns regarding legislative or state matters. Feel free to contact me or my staff if you ever need anything. I'm always ready to assist you in your needs. 

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