E-Update: July 26, 2019


Resources for Storm Damage

You likely noticed you didn't have an e-update in your inbox last Friday. I unfortunately wasn't able to send one out due to a fire near the State Capitol that led to power and email outages and the building actually closing for safety purposes last Friday. 

Due to the storms that came through the area recently, I thought it would be useful for everyone to have some resources for dealing with and recovering from storm damage. Because of the damage from the severe storms we had recently throughout Northern Wisconsin, Governor Evers declared a State of Emergency. This means that he has directed all state agencies to assist as appropriate in response and recovery and called the Wisconsin National Guard to active duty to assist local authorities. 

In addition to this, there are also other resources that are available to help with the storm damage recovery. 

  • 211 - A help line you can call to be connected with resources, assistance, housing help, etc.
  • DNR Cleanup Webpage - On their site, they provide municipalities, businesses, and residents with information to help cleanup, disposal and demolition efforts
  • State Forest Damage Resources - A DNR site with details on how to deal with storm damage to forests
  • Debris Clean-up on Waterways - A DNR site to answer basic questions on cleaning up waterways after storm damage
  • Demolition, Construction & Renovation - Resources from DNR on programs that you will want to work with during the demolition and recovery process
  • Flooded Private Wells - Tips and instructions from DNR on dealing with and fixing a flooded well
  • Urban Forestry Catastrophic Storm Grants - Grant for tree repair, removal or replacement within municipal areas following a catastrophic storm when a State of Emergency is called. Damage in municipal areas caused by high winds, hail and/or tornadoes will qualify municipalities for the urban forestry catastrophic storm grant
Question of the Week:
Summer Camp Bills


This week, I want to highlight a bill package that came up, dealing with summer camps. We have so many different recreational options, including some fantastic overnight summer camps for our kids, which even draw kids from around the US and even internationally. On top of being a great way for our kids to get outside, enjoy the outdoors and learn some life skills, our summer camps also play an important role in our economy with the revenue they bring in.

Because many kids from around Wisconsin spend a fun few weeks at these camps, a group of legislators came together to introduce a package of bills that improves and updates regulations for the camps, which I signed onto as a co-sponsor. The bills do the following:

  • LRB 1859 - Modernizing building codes for overnight camps. Currently they don't have their own special building codes, and are regulated as restaurants, education centers, clinics and child care centers, meaning they have duplicate layers of regulations. This bill would create specific overnight camp building codes, taking into account seasonal and specific usage.
  • LRB 3604 - Allowing Registered Nurses to temporarily practice at overnight camps. This bill would allow registered nurses in good standing in another state to practice as a nurse at a summer camp for up to 90 days a year if the licensure standards from their home state are similar enough to Wisconsin's.
  • LRB 0118 - Allowing Physicians to temporarily practice at overnight camps. This bill would do the same as LRB 3604 for physicians.
  • LRB 3611 - Updating inspection criteria for recreational and educational camps. Currently camps have inspections by Wisconsin and by the American Camps Association (ACA). The ACA standards are as high, and in some ways higher, than those Wisconsin has. The bill adopts ACA standards for accreditation for two of every three inspection years.
  • LRB 3612 - Requiring health records be electronically maintained at recreational and educational camps. Current law requires camps to maintain health records in paper. This bill allows them to use electronic record keeping, bringing them in line with hospitals, schools and clinics.

While I am a co-sponsor of these bills, I'd still like to hear your thoughts on them. Please take a moment to answer a short survey question on the summer camp bill package by clicking on the link below. 

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Upcoming Events in the District

The following are just a few events that will be occurring soon around or near the 36th Assembly District. Please let me know if you have an event you would like to have considered for inclusion on this list.

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