Mursau Secures Funding for Oconto District Attorney

Madison … Representative Jeff Mursau (R–Crivitz) has secured funding for an additional half time Assistant District Attorney for Oconto County. Mursau sent a letter detailing Oconto County’s needs and available funding options to the Joint Finance Committee on May 13th. Mursau’s request was made pursuant to his discussions with Oconto County board members last October.

“Oconto County’s District Attorney and his staff are stretched thin to properly prosecute cases,” Mursau said. “Oconto County officials and I are working together to ensure we have the prosecutors necessary to handle our rising caseload, including a rise in heroine abuse.”

Oconto County is the only county in Wisconsin with more judges (2) than prosecutors (1.5 FTE). Oconto County is 68th out of 71 counties providing prosecutors on a per capital basis.

“Oconto County victims, courts and law enforcement deserve the resources to provide timely and effective justice,” Mursau said. “I am pleased the Joint Finance Committee agrees with me that the State can and will provide full support Oconto County’s citizens and justice system.”