Mursau Releases Survey Results

District Supports Iron Mining, Education, Act 10 Reforms

Madison … Representative Jeff Mursau (R–Crivitz) released the results of his 2012 survey of 36th Assembly District residents this week. Over 900 residents of the recently redrawn 36th Assembly District responded to the survey covering health, education, tax, social and natural resource issues.

“After eight years representing the 36th Assembly district in Madison, I need to ensure what I hear from individuals contacting me reflects the entire district,” Mursau said. “This survey is all the more important now that district boundaries shifted to include new towns and villages.”

Among the highlights of the survey, Mursau asked for opinions on: iron mining reforms; disabled child-education funding reforms; stem cell research; concealed carry; and 2011 reforms made to government employee collective bargaining laws.

“The results of the survey are posted on my legislative website,” Mursau said. “Since I rely on their input to complete this survey, I hope residents and citizens will read the survey results as we begin working to ensure Wisconsin reflects our shared values over the next legislative session.”

Residents without access to email or the Internet who wish to read the results are encouraged to call Mursau’s office for a copy to be mailed to them.

Highlights include:
· 68% support reforming Wisconsin’s iron mining laws
· 73% oppose raising the gas tax regardless of fuel efficient vehicles reducing funds for road improvement projects
· 81% support voter photo ID laws
· 77% support 2011 reforms to collective bargaining for government employees
· 90% support 2011 reforms to require health and pension contributions by government employees

On taxes:
· 60% think the sales tax is just right
· 69% think the gasoline tax is too high
· 58% think property taxes are too high
· 48% think the income tax is too high

Mursau was first elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 2004. He can be contacted at (888) 534-0036 or by email.