July 2, 2021


Celebrate July 4th!

Benjamin Franklin once said "Where liberty dwells, there is my country," and I believe that is as true then as it is now. This year marks 245 years of American Independence, so however you celebrate, keep in mind those that came before as you enjoy the liberty and freedom you have today. 

To help you plan the weekend, there are a number of celebrations happening around the 36th Assembly District, including: 

Last Week's Results:
$15 Minimum Wage 

Last week, we tackled a question that's gotten a lot of attention in recent years, so thank you for sharing your insights. Below are the results from the survey I received from constituents as of Thursday afternoon. 

Budget Update and Survey Results

I'm pleased to share that this week, the Senate has also voted in favor of the budget's passage. Like in the Assembly, the bill received bipartisan support, and it's the first time since 2007 that a budget has cleared either house of the Legislature with bipartisan backing. To me, this shows that while there are things we still disagree on in the budget, we were able to work together and produce a bill that folks from both sides of the aisle can get behind. I hope to see Governor Evers sign it into law soon.

As you know, I'd sent out a budget survey to folks in the district earlier this year, and as of Tuesday this week I'd received 846 responses back. Your insights and thoughts on these important issues helped me not only in my work on the budget, but are a valuable insight into your priorities for the rest of session. So instead of a new question this week, I'm sharing the results of the budget survey:

Follow the Legislative Action

In order to stay up to date on any legislation, proposals, or your legislator, a free notification service is available through the Wisconsin State Legislature's website. You can sign up for nightly personalized email notifications based on our state's legislative activity. This is a wonderful way to stay informed about state politics and proposals that you are interested in.