January 8, 2021


Inauguration and Welcoming Our New Senator

This Monday, I was sworn into office for another two year term at the start of the 105th Assembly Legislative Session. With COVID-19 still very much present in our state, I observed CDC social distancing guidance as I took the oath of office during the ceremony on Monday. I look forward to serving the 36th Assembly District for another term in the State Assembly, and as the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation

I am grateful for the continued support from my colleagues to provide leadership and insight on forestry issues and outdoor recreational activities. I look forward to working with my colleagues from around Wisconsin to build off of the good work we've done over the years. The current pandemic has absolutely shown us how important these two industries are to the economic and personal health of Wisconsin. This session, I will also be serving on the following Assembly Committees: Agriculture, Education, Sporting Heritage, and Tourism. These committees reflect the issues that are important to those who live and work in northern Wisconsin, and I look forward to working on legislation with colleagues from both sides of the aisle to help positively impact the people I represent in the 36th Assembly District.

I'm also proud to welcome our new State Senator for the district, Senator Mary Felzkowski. I've worked with her as a colleague when she served in the Assembly, and I look forward to working with her this session as she takes up her new position in the Senate. 

Hearing from residents in the 36th Assembly District is a huge part of my job here as your Representative. I want to know your thoughts and hear your ideas on state issues and policy proposals, so please don't hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts with me either by email at: Rep.Mursau@legis.wi.gov or by calling (888) 534-0036.

If you'd like to keep up-to-date on the latest in state politics and legislative proposals, there's a free Legislative Notification Service available on the Legislature's webpage. People can sign up for these free, personalized email notifications on the issues and subject areas of your choice. To sign up for the notifications, visit: https://notify.legis.wisconsin.gov/login?ReturnUrl=%2f If you were receiving notifications last session, due to committee changes and new legislators, you will need to go in and pick the new topics you'd like to receive notifications on. 

Assembly Passes COVID-19 Relief Bill in
First Week of New Session

For weeks now, I've been working with my colleagues to come up with a new bill to provide added COVID-19 relief to Wisconsinites. We'd been working on the bill even before the new session began, building on earlier action that we took, so that we could bring it to the floor as soon as possible once the new session began. I'm pleased to share that just yesterday, less than a week after the start of the new legislative session, we were able to bring that COVID-19 relief bill to the floor of the Assembly for a vote as the first bill of the session.

The bill, Assembly Bill (AB) 1, has 44 provisions to address COVID-19, and will re-allocate $100 million in funding from existing expenditures to help further combat the pandemic. Specifically, the bill will: 

  • Ensure access to medication, vaccines and testing
  • Provide assistance to hospitals, frontline healthcare workers and first responders
  • Require DWD to eliminate the Unemployment claims backlog
  • Allow for "essential visitors" to make sure families can safely visit loved ones in assisted living facilities
  • Let parents transfer students to schools that offer in-person learning
  • Require school boards to vote every 2 weeks if they wish to remain virtual
  • Protects schools and businesses from frivolous lawsuits
  • Creates legislative oversight of any new federal COVID-19 funding
  • Reduces the ability for health officials to make sweeping closures without input
  • Creates an "all-hands-on-deck" approach to improve vaccine distribution

I'm proud of the work we've done to get this package to the floor so quickly after session began. I believe it's a strong package that will provide meaningful relief to Wisconsin, and that's why I was proud to vote in favor of its passage yesterday. AB 1 now goes to the State Senate for further consideration, and I hope to see it on Governor Evers desk in the near future. 

Request Unemployment Help 

With the high number of unemployment claims being filed in Wisconsin and nationwide in recent months, delays in determinations and payments have been a too common occurrence. As a legislator, I'm able to reach out to DWD and make an inquiry on your behalf if you are experiencing issues or delays with your unemployment claim.

Click here to request an Unemployment Claim Inquiry

Help Shape Deer Management In WI

Deer hunting and management is an important issue, especially for us up in Northern Wisconsin. I'm pleased to share there's a great opportunity coming up for you to be a part of shaping deer management in Wisconsin. Thru January 13, you are invited to comment on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) herd size objectives and deer management unit (DMU) boundaries for the next three years. 

While each County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC) has already given their initial recommendations on the issue, the DNR is looking to hear from the public on the issue as well. To see the preliminary recommendations and provide feedback, visit the DNR's website

Once the public comments have been received, the CDACs from around the state will meet, look through the insights that folks send in, and determine their final recommendations. These meetings will happen virtually between January 19-25, and information on virtual attendance can be found on the CDAC webpage. The DNR will review the final CDAC recommendations and present them to the Natural Resources Board in February for final approval, so this is a great way to be a part of shaping the management plan for the next three years. 

Public Input Opportunity on Upcoming Forest County Road Project

Road projects and quality are a bit issue in the area, which I look forward to working on again as we head into this upcoming budget process. In the meantime though, there's some great ways that folks can share input on proposed area improvements. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) has a helpful webpage with a list of projects under construction or in design for areas around our district. The North Central DOT Region list (including Forest, Langlade, Menominee and Shawano Counties) and the Northeast DOT Region list (including Marinette and Oconto Counties) are both great sources of information on upcoming proposed projects. The DOT also has a webpage dedicated to Construction Projects, the DOT 511 webpage.

Among the many projects in progress or in the design phase, the North Central Region is currently looking for input from the public on proposed improvements to WIS 32 between the Oconto County line and County C in Wabeno. Proposed improvements include shoulder paving, culvert replacement and repairs, centerline rumble strips and storm sewer repairs, with a detailed list available on the project website. Public input can be submitted using one of the following methods: 

COVID-19 Quick Links

Below are some quick links to essential COVID-19 resources and information:

Follow the Legislative Action

In order to stay up to date on any legislation, proposals, or your legislator, a free notification service is available through the Wisconsin State Legislature's website. You can sign up for nightly personalized email notifications based on our state's legislative activity. This is a wonderful way to stay informed about state politics and proposals that you are interested in.