May 14, 2021

Polish-American Delegation Honors

This week I had the honor of being awarded two medals from the Polish Government for my work with the Polish Heritage Delegation. The first medal I received was for the pro-bono work on behalf of the cultural partnership between the United States and Poland. The second medal was presented on behalf of the Polish Minister of National Education for my work expanding educational opportunities for students in both Wisconsin and Poland.

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Poland when my colleague Representative Ken Skowronski hosted a group of dignitaries at the Polish Cultural Center in Franklin. Based on my work through various committees for the State of Wisconsin I was asked to join a group of legislators and stakeholders from America on a trade mission to Lublin, Poland in the fall of 2018. To say the experience was transformative as well as fruitful is an understatement. To date we have seen an increase in product lines from Wisconsin companies to Poland as well as a medical research partnership between biotech companies in Poland and the Medical College of Wisconsin. These initiatives have provided millions of dollars to entities here in Wisconsin and are mutually beneficial for both countries and their citizens. We have also started talks in the last year about more educational opportunities for Wisconsin High School Students to be a part of the cultural heritage sharing. Stay tuned for updates as we finalize them!

I am beyond grateful and blessed for the opportunity to do good for the citizens of Wisconsin abroad and find ways to bring people together for a common good. I'd like to thank my friend Representative Ken Skowronski for starting and leading this initiative, and the good people of Poland for working together to support projects that benefit both countries. Dziekuje!