FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 January 23, 2018

Contact: Rep. Cody Horlacher                                                     608-237-9133


                The Assembly Passes AB 355 Child Neglect Bill


Madison, WI—Representative Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) and Senator Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay) introduced legislation to protect children who are victims of chronic neglect throughout Wisconsin. AB 355, introduced May 2017, passed out of the assembly today.


“I am extremely grateful for the input and energy by child advocates, law enforcement, and community members, as well as Attorney General Schimel and Senator Cowles,” said Rep. Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago). “I have made the protection of our most vulnerable a top priority, and I worked to make sure our community standards are reflected in this legislation.”

Under this bill, any person who is responsible for a child’s welfare who negligently fails, for reason other than poverty, to provide the child with necessary care or contributes to the failure is guilty of the crime of neglect. This bill also creates a crime of repeated acts of neglect of the same child.