Rep. Horlacher Votes to Support K-9 Veterans and Red Tape Review Rep. Cody Horlacher Votes to Support K-9 Veterans and Red Tape Review Madison, WI—The Assembly took action on a variety of efforts supported by Rep. Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) yesterday. Rep. Horlacher was pleased at the passage of Assembly Joint Resolution 4, honoring the service of all military working dogs, a resolution that he introduced.
Wisconsin Becomes 25th State to Support Worker Freedom Wisconsin Becomes 25th State to Support Worker Freedom Madison, WI—Representative Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) voted to support worker freedom by approving the right-to-work bill (SB 44) in the Assembly.
Governor Walker's 2015 State Budget Rep. Horlacher Ready to Work on State Budget Madison, WI—The Governor shared his plan to increase prosperity and freedom in Wisconsin during the budget address this evening. Rep. Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) was in attendance and shared his thoughts on the proposed 2015-2017 Biennial Budget.
Chief Justice Constitutional Amendment Constitutional Amendment to Elect Supreme Court Chief Justice Approved Madison, WI-The legislature approved a constitutional amendment to allow state Supreme Court justices to elect their chief justice for a two-year term. Rep. Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) not only voted to support this measure but also co-sponsored this bill and supported its passage out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.
State of the State 2015 Rep. Cody Horlacher Applauds Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State Address Madison, WI—State Representative Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) issued the following statement after Governor Walker’s the State of the State address Tuesday.
Inauguration Day 2015 Representative Cody Horlacher Takes Oath of Office Madison, WI—Representative Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) officially begins his first term in the 102nd Wisconsin State Legislature today. Rep. Horlacher took the oath of office in the Assembly chambers on Monday afternoon. He is committed to representing the people of the 33rd Assembly District in Madison.