Assembly Inauguration 2019

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Legislative Update

We are excited and looking forward to a strong start to the 2019 session and are happy to be introducing bills to help the families of my district and throughout the state. If you have any bill ideas, I want to hear from you!

With the session beginning, please remember that my office is working hard for our constituents and will continue to aid you with any questions/concerns you may have. 

Representative Horlacher and Staff

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This week, alongside Senator Jacque, we introduced a bill closing an underage drinking loophole
Closing An Underage Drinking Loophole
A bill I introduced this week establishes an absolute sobriety requirement for the purpose of operating a snowmobile for any persons under the age of 21. Under current law, absolute sobriety is required for those under 21 operating a recreational vehicle except for snowmobiles. We want to change the conversation on underage drinking in Wisconsin. This bill will promote safety for families in Wisconsin.
Constituent Update
Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to meet with many constituents from across the district both here in my office in Madison and throughout the communities that they live and work in. Below you'll see a few pictures highlighting some of these events.