September 20, 2019

Gemuetlichkeit Days


Enjoyed spending time at G-Days again this year.  Prost!

Legislative Update


LRB-0740/1 - Public Safety - PTSD Coverage Act

This bi-partisan bill that I co-authored with Senator Andre Jacque will provide law enforcement and firefighters with a clear way to receive treatment for PTSD directly related to the performance of their job duties. We released this bill this week for co-sponsorship and I believe that we will have tremendous support. It’s important that we destigmatize PTSD for our first responders and provide them with the tools they need to get help. 

AB 186 - Lemonade Stand Bill

I’m very excited that my bill to allow kids to operate lemonade stands has passed the Assembly Committee on Consumer Protection. This bill has strong bi-partisan support and I am committed to ensuring that young entrepreneurs across the State of Wisconsin are able to operate these stands without fear of being shut down. Bureaucratic red tape and complicated tax requirements shouldn’t get in the way of kids, families, and communities working together.  I appreciate the support that this bill has received statewide! 

AB 308 - CS Gel Bill

This bill that I’ve authored with Senator Wanggaard that will allow non-lethal CS Gel products to be sold here in Wisconsin has received Public Hearings in both the Senate and Assembly.  Our state can join 40 other states in offering a safe alternative for self-defense. This gel does not aerosolize and get into the air like pepper spray, meaning it will only affect the person who it’s meant to be used on. This product is a great tool for homes, schools, and hospitals. I look forward to continuing to move this bill through the process.

September 20 is POW-MIA Recognition Day
pow-mia day.jpg


POW-MIA Recognition Day is commemorated on the third Friday of every September, and is observed to ensure that America remembers and shows that it stands behind those who serve, and to make sure our Nation does everything it can to account for those who have never returned.

Last week, I co-sponsored Assembly Bill 452.  This bill, authored by Representative Ken Skowronski, funds the recovery, identification and repatriation specifically of Wisconsin Missing-in-Action service members.  

Fun and Interesting Links

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