May 14, 2021

Demanding Action on Border Crisis

Following through on our promise from last week, the State Assembly passed a resolution urging Governor Evers to send aid to Border States to help with the crisis that is exploding on our southern border.

In fact, just this week Customs and Border Protection has released the new migrant apprehension numbers for April and they are staggering:

April 2020: 17,106 April 2021: 178,622

This is an increase of 944%!

The crisis on the border is not only a national security issue, but it is also a full blown humanitarian crisis. US Border Patrol estimates the Mexican Cartels are making $24 million per week from human trafficking in just the Del Rio, Texas sector alone.

There was a heart breaking story this week of a rancher finding abandoned children on his land. Sadly this has become a common occurrence during the surge in 2021.

I hope that Governor Evers will pick up the phone and ask those suffering on the border what he can do to help.

Graph courtesty of Senator Ron Johnson

Democrat Texas Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez shows Rep. August where migrants attempt to cross the Rio Grande River illegally.

Election Reform Advances

Both houses of the legislature passed multiple bills aimed at election reform. We can all agree that election integrity and transparency is extremely important. Therefore, the legislature has made it a priority to review our election process and make reforms where they are needed.

In 2020, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg funneled $300 million into a third-party organization that offered money to five Wisconsin mayors. The cities then had to agree to the rules of Zuckerburg’s group – not the laws of Wisconsin. The only cities that received these funds were left-leaning.

Therefore I supported a bill that would still allow for these private donations, but they would have to be sent to the Wisconsin Elections Commission and be divided up fairly throughout the entire state. Our election integrity shouldn’t be influenced by those with the deepest pockets. This bill passed the full Assembly.

In addition, the State Senate has been busy passing election reform as well. Thanks to my friends in the Senate, you can track our election reform package by following this link:

I am eager to support these bills when they come over to the Assembly for a vote.

Star Spangled Banner Act Passes

Earlier this week I was also proud to support the Star Spangled Banner Act. This bill would require that the National Anthem be played at certain sporting events. Hearing the National Anthem is always one of my favorite parts of the event and I do truly believe it is a unifying event for us as Americans.

The bill passed with bipartisan support, although 22 Democrats disappointingly voted no.

Preventing Elder Abuse

This week the Assembly passed a package of bills aimed at curbing elder abuse here in Wisconsin.

Did you know that in in 2020 alone, over $25 million was stolen from Wisconsin seniors? In fact, since 2001, reported cases of elder abuse have nearly tripled. Sadly, only 1 in 44 cases of elder abuse and neglect are reported.

That is why it was overdue to take action and establish common-sense measures to combat and prevent physical and financial elder abuse.

The bills passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Click the bill below to read the specifics of each:
Assembly Bill 44
Assembly Bill 45
Assembly Bill 46

Timber-lee Camp Visit

I recently had the pleasure to visit Camp Timber-lee near East Troy, WI. I was invited by Executive Director Tom Mathisen. Tom showed me around the camp and explained what they had to offer.

It was great to learn more about what they do and discuss new ways to serve our youth and surrounding communities. Timber-lee is a great organization that provides an excellent outdoor education program for our area youth. Thank you for having me!

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