May 7, 2021

Crisis at the Border

Last week, I visited the southern border of the United States with State Representative Jim Steineke. What we saw shocked us and it should concern every single American, regardless of where they live.

Democrat Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez of Val Verde County informed us that both local law enforcement and federal border patrol are being overrun.

The Mexican cartels now have control of the border, not the U.S. They are taking advantage of the radical shift in US policy when the Biden-Harris administration took office.

Under the lack of leadership from Washington, we have not only a national security crisis, but a humanitarian crisis. The cartels have shifted to human trafficking, bringing in an estimated $24 million per WEEK just in the Del Rio, Texas sector of the border alone. Thousands of migrants are crossing illegally, and if they survive the journey they become indentured servants to the cartels to repay their debts.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been put in charge of the border and has yet to even visit. This needs to change immediately. Thatís why we penned an open letter to the Vice President asking her to act.

We are also calling on Governor Tony Evers to direct much needed resources to the southern border and will be voting to request him to do so next week.

Let me be clear - we fully support legal immigration, but everyone is suffering under the disaster created by the open, unchecked borders of the Biden Harris administration.

Below is a must-watch video that we compiled that summarizes our visit:

Read more about this crisis below:

Press Release:

Open Letter to VP Kamala Harris:

Wisconsin State Journal Article:

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