October 1, 2021

State Assembly Passes Education Reform Package

This week the Assembly passed a comprehensive package of bills aimed at empowering parents and improving education standards for our children.

Specifically, we passed legislation that would increase curriculum transparency, require the teaching of civics, prohibit divisive concepts on racism and sexism, as well as improve school district fiscal transparency.

Earlier this year there was an alarming report released from the Fordham Institute that gave Wisconsin an “F” for civics and US history. Students were unable to answer basic questions about how their government works and the history behind it. This is unacceptable. Therefore, we passed a bill that would require all schools to incorporate civics education in elementary through high school. I supported this bill because it is crucial that our children are aware of their rights and responsibilities as US citizens.

It is also alarming to see Critical-Race Theory (CRT) and other revisionary movements creeping into classrooms nationwide. As you may know, CRT and similar movements incorporate harmful and poisonous theories that certain races are inherently racist or oppressive. The Assembly is pushing back against this movement by passing legislation this week that would ban the teaching or adoption of racist or sexist theories.

State Capitol Statues Restored after Mob Destruction

As you may recall, two iconic statues that stand at the entrances to the State Capitol building in Madison were torn down by a violent mob last June. It is ironic that the mob chose these two statues as they stand as symbols of progress. Lady “Forward” embodies growth and improvement, while Col. Hans Christian Heg was an avid abolitionist who raised a regiment of Wisconsin volunteers to fight for the Union.

Over a year later, it is still angering that both Gov Tony Evers and Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway were more concerned with offending people’s feelings than upholding law and order.

I am happy to report this month that both statues have been fully restored and once again stand to greet visitors to our beautiful Capitol building. Thankfully, the restoration efforts were paid for by federal grant funding and private donations.

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