September 10, 2021

Representative August Condemns Biden Extreme Unconstitutional Action to Sever Personal Freedom

Biden acts alone to implement government-compelled mandate on personal health decisions.

MADISON…State Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) issued the following statement in response to President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional action of government-forced health care mandates:

“President Biden’s attempt to insert the federal government into citizens’ private health care decisions is not only unconstitutional, it is un-American. In America, we do not believe in the ability of “all-knowing” government officials in Washington to sever the individual freedoms we hold so dearly.

It is disturbing that Biden is flat-out abusing his power to trample on the civil liberties of those he is supposed to represent. No one should have to choose between being employed or exercising their health care freedoms.

It is clear Biden is attempting to deflect from the disastrous failures that are piling up since he took office. This includes the recent disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the abandonment and death of US citizens and allies.

Furthermore, I call on Governor Evers and Attorney General Kaul to stand up to these unconstitutional acts from the federal government. Sadly, I do not have much faith in Governor Evers’ feckless administration given their own poor record of unconstitutional and heavy-handed behavior.”

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