ALERT: Assembly Attempts to Override Evers’ Veto

Addressing the Workforce Shortage Crisis

Assembly Attempts to Override Evers’ Veto

MADISON…Today, Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) voted to override Governor Tony Evers’ veto of a bill that would have helped to address the workforce shortage facing our state. The legislation, known as Assembly Bill (AB) 336, would end certain unemployment benefits in an effort to get Wisconsinites back into the workforce.

“Governor Evers made a mistake when he vetoed our bill, which was echoed today when legislative Democrats failed to recognize the challenges facing our small businesses,” said August. “If you take the time to talk to the business community, you’d quickly realize the extreme need for workers poses a real crisis.”

Specifically, the legislation would end both the $300 per-week federal unemployment bonus as well as ensuring those filing for unemployment are required to perform a regular work search. August also pointed to a recent study by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) which showed that 9 out of every 10 businesses are struggling to hire employees.

“Walk down any main street in Wisconsin and you will see help wanted signs,” explained August. “Employers shouldn’t be competing with government benefits when it comes to finding workers.”

In Wisconsin, a 2/3rds vote is needed to override a veto by the governor. Today, the override action on AB 336 fell short on a 59-37 vote. Although unsuccessful this time, August said he will keep fighting to find ways to improve Wisconsin’s economy and business climate.

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