June 24, 2021

Supporting Law Enforcement

This week in the Assembly, I was proud to stand with law enforcement and support a bill aimed at preventing local governments from defunding the police. The legislation, Senate Bill 199, would decreased shared revenue payments to municipalities who cut funding for their police departments. The movement to defund the police is an irresponsible political statement that results in real harm to our communities. Cutting funding for police only puts more pressure on fewer officers resulting in no positive results. I stand with our police officers and will never support the radical position of defunding the police.

Election Reforms Pass the Legislature

The Assembly also passed multiple measures this week aimed at restoring trust in Wisconsinís elections process. In Wisconsin there was indisputable evidence of irregularities in the administration of our most recent presidential election.

Therefore the legislature has taken action to pass a comprehensive package of election reforms to address these issues and ensure future elections are fair, transparent, and uniform. The package of legislation includes closing voter ID loopholes, standardizing procedures, establishing uniformity, guaranteeing only the voter can correct their own ballot, and keeping out-of-state billionaires from controlling election administration.

Our goal is to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.

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