June 30, 2017


Protecting Wisconsinites with Pre-Existing Conditions

Last week the State Assembly took action to become one of the first states in the nation to ensure those with pre-existing conditions are protected under state law.

With ObamaCare imploding, those in Washington are working on repealing and replacing the destructive law. A recent analysis of ObamaCare since the enactment of the law has revealed that average health insurance premiums have doubled. This is based on data gathered by the Obama Administration itself. In addition we continue to see insurance companies fleeing ObamaCare on regular basis. When ObamaCare is repealed we need to ensure Wisconsinites are protected.

Therefore, on Wednesday night when the Assembly Democrats made a motion to take up one of their bills on pre-existing conditions, the Assembly Republicans joined the Democrats in a unanimous vote to take up the bill and debate a solution.

Assembly Republicans offered a solution that would protect those with pre-existing conditions by ensuring their rates donít go up and that their coverage is not ended.

However, the Democrats let partisanship get the best of them. Playing politics, the Democrats attempted to table (or kill) the bill they had just asked to bring up for consideration just minutes earlier. It was sad to see that blocking any Republican effort in a blind partisan move was more important than helping those with pre-existing conditions. This should not be a partisan issue.

In the end, the bill did pass and I was proud to support it. The measure now goes to the Senate for approval. I urge their approval of the bill to ensure those with pre-existing conditions are not penalized.

Avoiding Email Ransomware

I wanted to take this time to raise awareness about email ransomware popping up around the world. In the past few weeks, we've seen a few strains of ransomware being spread through email services.  Ransomware downloads a virus onto your computer that encrypts all the data on your device, rendering it useless. The hackers then demand a payment in order to decrypt your files. 

You should always be careful while opening any emails from senders you do not know. However, ransomware emails can be disguised as emails from trusted companies, such as Amazon or Google. If you receive an email questioning your account status, or canceling an order you never made, it would be best to access your account directly on the company's website.

Another way to avoid ransomware attacks is to be sure that you have the latest software updates.  Ransomware hackers generally attack outdated software, or short-lived vulnerabilities in new software. I encourage you to continue to update your computer regularly, and be careful not to click on dangerous links.

Happy Independence Day

I hope all of you have a happy Independence Day.  I hope to see you at one of the great events going on around the district.

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