May 26, 2017


Tourism Reaches $20 Billion

I am proud to announce that Wisconsin’s tourism economy reached $20 billion in 2016. This is up $700 million from 2015. Walworth county saw increases across the board. Our economy continues to be bolstered by our state’s strong tourism culture as we continue to show the rest of the country (and the world!) what it means to be from Wisconsin. If you’d like more information about our state’s tourism economy or information on events all around Wisconsin, you can visit


Welfare Reform

As Governor Walker always says, "welfare should be more like a trampoline than a hammock."  I agree, and recently I voted to approve a package of bills to help individuals move away from government assistance.  The package will create a pilot program to implement a work requirement for able-bodied individuals to receive housing assistance.  Furthermore, the proposal will put Wisconsin Shares benefits on a sliding scale, so low-income families no longer have to worry about losing their benefits when they reach a certain income threshold.  We should be incentivizing individuals who work to better themselves, not punish them by taking away their benefits before they are truly ready to stand on their own.  I believe that these bills strike a good balance between fiscal responsibility and compassion for some of our state's most vulnerable citizens.  I am proud to have voted for them in the assembly.

Additionally, a proposal has been approved by the Joint Committee on Finance to make Wisconsin the first state to drug test Medicaid recipients.  The proposal allows for BadgerCare recipients to be screened with questions about illegal drug use, and then allows for the testing of  recipients based upon their answers.  If they refuse or fail the test and refuse drug treatment, they will go without their benefits for six months.  After those six months, they will be reevaluated. There is no need for the state to continue to spend money treating people who refuse to help themselves.  We must continue to ensure that our state's welfare programs continue to be a hand up, not a hand out.

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