January 27, 2017

Governor Walker Announces Welfare Reform Plan

This week, Governor Walker announced his Wisconsin Works for Everyone plan. The plan is a variation of Governor Tommy Thompsonís Wisconsin Works program, and is based on getting Wisconsinís most vulnerable citizens back on their feet through the dignity of work. The program will require FoodShare recipients to work a set number of hours per month, or involve themselves in a work-training program in order to maintain their benefits. The plan expands job-training programs for the unemployed and underemployed citizens receiving FoodShare benefits, while addressing barriers people face while trying to enter the workplace. Eliminating the cliffs in Medicaid and child care benefits, which can leave families worse off financially by getting a raise or working longer hours, will incentivize low-income families to help themselves rather than relying on welfare programs. We must continue to ensure that welfare programs give Wisconsin citizens a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Governor Walkerís plan also includes reforms to occupational licensure. It is estimated that Wisconsinís current licensure laws have cost the state 31,634 jobs and have cost consumers $1.93 billion in unnecessary costs. Our current laws clearly need reform, and I am proud to support Governor Walkerís initiative to reform our welfare programs and occupational licensure. Ē

You can read Governor Walker's press release on the program at this link

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