January 12, 2017

State of the State

MADISON…State Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) issued the following statement today following Governor Scott Walker’s annual State of the State Address:

“Governor Walker has laid out a platform that I feel all Republicans in the legislature can get behind.

The state of our state is strong: Since 2011, we’ve balanced our budgets and cut taxes by over $4.7 billion; unemployment is the lowest it has been in 15 years; last year, Wisconsin’s tourism impact is up $1 billion; and our worker training programs have gotten over 21,000 people off of welfare.

I am eager to work with Governor Walker to continue to build upon our successful reforms of the recent past. I agree that we must focus on workforce development to ensure that our small businesses can recruit and train the skilled employees needed in today’s economy. I also look forward to working with the governor on ways to decentralize power from Washington and bring it back to the states.

There is much more we can do and I look forward to the upcoming legislative session to ensure Wisconsin remains strong.”

 In Case You Missed It

If you didn't get a chance to see the Governor's speech, you can watch it by following this link.

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