Weekly Radio Address: Use Transportation Funds as Intended

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/V44jvbfg6ew

Madison…  Rep. Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) talks transportation funding in the Weekly Radio Address for Wisconsin State Republicans.

Hello everyone, I’m Speaker Pro Tempore Tyler August. 

As you may know, the Wisconsin Legislature recently passed the state budget and it was signed into law.  One of our top priorities is fixing roads and bridges in communities across the state so Republican legislators included an additional $90 million for the Local Road Improvement Program. 

But after promising to ‘fix the darn roads’, Governor Evers used his veto to cut $15 million that should have gone to fix our local roads, and his action allows the rest of the money be used for projects that the legislature had not intended, such as trolleys. 

The creation of this new slush fund by the Evers administration means that your tax dollars, intended to be used for road projects across the state, could be diverted to special projects in Milwaukee and Madison.  The funds could even be used for non-road projects like bicycle or pedestrian enhancements.  This is wrong. 

We will continue to fight for what is right for all Wisconsin communities and take whatever action is necessary to ensure your tax dollars aren’t wasted.





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