Rep. August Honors Chief Bushey as First Responder of the Year

Public safety drones have become a critical life-saving resource when responding to missing persons, fleeing criminals and natural disasters.  Drones capable of seeing heat sources have become invaluable when conducting search and rescue operations.  Time is of the essence when attempting to locate lost individuals and drone technology with thermal imaging capability allows for efficient searches over a wide area resulting in the rapid recovery of lost persons.

Chief James Bushey of the Town of Linn Police Department has been a pioneer in utilizing drone technology in public safety.  As drone technology began to emerge in the civilian market, Chief Bushey recognized it as a potential asset to first responders on the ground.  In 2015, Chief Bushey developed the Town of Linn Police Drone Program to assist local and regional agencies with an aerial platform aimed at aiding with the critical task of locating missing persons.  Chief Bushey is active in training and developing the Wisconsin Drone Network, a state-wide program designed to bring air assets to any incident in the state.

Chief Bushey also contributes a tremendous amount of his valuable time teaching and mentoring the youth of the Town of Linn through the Drug Abuse and Resistance Education (DARE) program.  Chief Bushey teaches with compassion and is beloved by his students.  His dedication to the DARE program has allowed him to be involved in this program at both the state and national levels.

It is a distinct honor to recognize Chief Bushey as the 32nd Assembly District First Responder of the Year.

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