Budget Feedback

Thanks to everyone who attended the listening sessions in Elkhorn, Harmony and Beloit! I really appreciate hearing from constituents regarding their thoughts on issues facing our state.

I also encourage constituents who were not able to attend to complete my spring survey as it will help inform my decisions on how to modify and improve the budget proposal.

The survey is also available on my website by clicking here.


Thanks for Visiting: Rock County Day

Last week, Rock County residents who are involved in businesses, local government and economic development met with legislators who represent Rock County to discuss issues facing the county.

Update on Bills

AB 25 passed the Assembly on a party line vote and is available for scheduling in the Senate. AB 25 will remove one of the barriers to employment that unaccompanied and homeless teens face by lowering the age requirement for a work permit to under 16 years of age. Under current law, a minor must obtain a work permit prior to employment. The process of obtaining a work permit includes providing a signed letter or letters from the employer and the parent or guardian. This creates a significant challenge for unaccompanied and homeless teens seeking a way to legally earn money to pay for personal and living expenses. Eliminating the work permit requirement for 16 and 17 years olds will eliminate an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy for all teens. All current state and federal laws related to hours and times of day a minor may work, and restricted or prohibited employment for minors are not being changed.

AB 59 passed the Senate and now heads to Governor Walker to be signed into law. AB 59 updates statutory references for emergency medical technicians and first responders and aligns Wisconsin terminology with federal language and current practices. Modernizing these definitions will make our state statutes and future legislation easier to understand.

 ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

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