FEBRUARY 15, 2016

Legislative Session Update

The last several weeks have been very busy as we wrap up this legislative session. I have several bills that I've been working on that have recently been signed, voted on, or are scheduled to be voted on.  You can find out what we will be voting on this week by clicking here. You can also watch floor periods live by clicking here.

Assembly Bill 453 requires the Family Care benefit and self-directed services option to be provided in Rock County before July 1, 2016. Family Care provides long-term care services to qualifying low-income individuals who are elderly, physically disabled, or developmentally disabled, and who are eligible for medical assistance. AB 453  was signed by Governor Walker as 2015 Act 127 in Janesville on January 27, 2016.

Above: All of the Rock County legislators join Governor Walker at the AB 453 bill signing.


Senate Bill 308 and Senate Bill 309 will bring Wisconsin into compliance with the Federal Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act of 2014 and improve a variety of policies related to children in out-of-home care. SB 308 and SB 309 were signed by Governor Walker on February 4th and became 2015 Acts 128 and 129.

Above: Rep. Loudenbeck is joined by her staff and DCF staff members for the signing of SB 308 and 309.


My bills that are scheduled to be voted on tomorrow.

Assembly Bill 400, Assembly Bill 735 and Assembly Bill 737

There are four additional bills that I have been working on, Senate Bills 50, 51, 53 and 54 all came from the Legislative Study Committee on Tax Incremental Financing where I served as the vice-chair of during the summer of 2014. All four bills have passed the Senate and are scheduled to be voted on in the Assembly tomorrow.

Senate Bill 50, Senate Bill 51, Senate Bill 53 and Senate Bill 54

 Library Champion

Rep. Loudenbeck was honored last week by the Wisconsin Libraries Association (WLA) as one of their Library Champions. For more information, read my press release by clicking here.

Above: Rep. Loudenbeck recieves her Library Champion award.

 Take Your Legislator To Work

Take Your Legislator To Work is an event is sponsored by the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities. The purpose of the annual event is to have legislators meet clients who work for market wages in the community. The event helps legislators observe how people with disabilities contribute to the local economy. They get to talk with employers about the value these employees provide and with the workers about the rewards of working at a regular job. This year, Rep. Loudenbeck and Rep. Deb Kolste visited with Alex Hokinson at Lucy’s Loon Lake Coffee and Deli, which is at Basic’s Coop in Janesville. The business is in Rep. Kolste’s district and Alex Hokinson lives in Rep. Loudenbeck’s district.


Above: Rep. Kolste, Rep. Loudenbeck and Alex at Lucy's Loon Lake.

Non-Expiring ID cards are available for customers age 65 and older

Wisconsin now allows its residents, who are U.S. Citizens age 65 and over, to obtain an ID card which never expires!

  • The ID card is free if used for voting purposes and, once issued, the card never needs to be renewed. No more visits to a DMV.
  • Individuals holding a driver license, who wish to obtain this non-expiring ID card, must surrender their license and driving privileges.
  • Individuals holding a “REAL ID” must surrender that feature from their card. REAL ID compliant cards will continue to follow the eight-year renewal cycle.
  • The ID card carries the same appearance and security features as our traditional eight-year cards.
  • The words “Non-expiring” appear in place of the typical expiration date.

All ID cards are mailed - A receipt including your photo will be provided to you. This receipt is acceptable photo identification for voting and serves as your ID until your card arrives in the mail.

​For more information

Driver Information Section
P.O. Box 7983
Madison, WI 53707-7983

Email Wisconsin DMV email service
ID Card for voting phone (608) 266-1069
All other ID Card questions phone (608) 264-7447
Fax (608) 267-3812

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