FEBRUARY 23, 2015
Red Tape Review

Last week members of the Assembly Republican majority rolled out the Red Tape Review initiative.  This initiative's goal, led by Rep. Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan), is to review each chapter of Wisconsin's Administrative Code and work to remove unnecessary, burdensome, and outdated regulations.

The Red Tape Review will build on the work done last session with the Right the Rules project. Last session, Assembly Committees reviewed approximately 20% of the 1,768 pages of Wisconsin Administrative Code. Two of the thirteen regulatory reform bills passed last session were authored by my committee.

The Red Tape Review welcomes comments and feedback from business people and constituents. 

You can submit comments and follow the process on the Red Tape Review Facebook Page and on Twitter.

Bills Pass Assembly

Last week, two of my bills, AB-10 and AB-16 passed the Assembly on a voice vote. I am proud to start the legislative session with two bills that help protect our most vulnerable citizens. 

AB-10, will help protect victims who are being abused, harassed or threatened from out of state by clarifying when the court has personal jurisdiction in certain actions for restraining orders or injunctions in cases of domestic abuse, child abuse or harassment.
Here's a link to my floor speech: http://www.wiseye.org/videoplayer/vp.html?bmid=1073095711

AB-16, is aimed at helping victims of labor and sex trafficking. The bill requires the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) to electronically provide posters with a human trafficking resource hotline. Under the bill, the DOJ will encourage establishments such as truck stops, hotels, courthouses and hospitals to display the poster.
Here's a link to my floor speech: http://www.wiseye.org/videoplayer/vp.html?bmid=1073095711

Both bills were passed out of the senate committee last week, and are available for scheduling in the senate.

Preventing Tax Refund Fraud

Identity theft and refund fraud are two top cybercrimes.  The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) implemented enhanced safeguards last year to protect taxpayers and prevent someone else from stealing a taxpayer's tax refund by filing a false tax return.  Last year alone, DOR  blocked $49.7M in fraudulent refunds using Identity Verification and other measures. It is extremely important that DOR assures that taxpayers' identifying information is not used by someone else to commit fraud and steal tax refunds.

If a taxpayer receives a quiz or letter from DOR and they have not yet filed their 2014 income tax return, they should use the number provided on the correspondence to notify DOR immediately. Taxpayers can find many resources to answer any questions they might have on DOR's website or they can watch this helpful video.

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