Two Loudenbeck Bills Signed Into Law

Madison – Today, Governor Scott Walker signed two bills authored by Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) into law. Assembly Bill 25, the Teen Employment Act, is 2017 Wisconsin Act 11 and Assembly Bill 59, which is a technical update to Emergency Medical Services definitions is 2017 Wisconsin Act 12.

 Act 11 eliminates the work permit requirement for 16 and 17 years olds and will eliminate an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy for these teens. Under current law, a minor must obtain a work permit prior to employment. The process of obtaining a work permit includes providing a signed letter or letters from the employer and the parent or guardian. All current state and federal laws related to hours and times of day a minor may work, and restricted or prohibited employment for minors are not being changed.  

“For a lot of older teens, summer is a great opportunity to gain work experience and earn money.  Eliminating the work permit requirement for 16 and 17 year olds removes a time-consuming regulatory hurdle for teens, parents, and employers,” said Rep. Loudenbeck.

“Providing these young people with an opportunity for legal, gainful employment so they can complete their education and become self-supporting adults will reduce their risk for negative outcomes.”

Act 12 updates statutory references for emergency medical technicians and first responders and aligns Wisconsin terminology with federal language and current practices.

“I became aware of Wisconsin using a different set of terms when working on a bill related to mobile integrated health and community emergency medical services. This bill modernizes these definitions and make our state statutes and future legislation easier to understand.”

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