Press Release                                                                     April 3, 2018

For Immediate Release


Three Loudenbeck Bills Signed Into Law

Madison – Today, three bills championed by Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) were signed into law by Governor Scott Walker. Assembly Bills 659 (AB 659) and 848 (AB 848) were authored by Rep. Loudenbeck and became 2017 Wisconsin Acts 223 and 204, Assembly Bill 118 (AB 118) became 2017 Wisconsin Act 222 is the product of a Legislative Council Study Committee chaired by Rep. Loudenbeck.

Act 222: is a product of the Legislative Study Committee on the Preservation of Burial Sites that Rep. Loudenbeck chaired during the summer of 2016. The Study Committee was tasked with reviewing Wisconsin’s current burial sites preservation law to determine whether it adequately balances the interests of scientists, landowners, developers, and others with an interest in a burial site, including those with a kinship interest and those with a general cultural, tribal, or religious affiliation. The committee recommended the advancement of one bill which contained all proposals for which the study committee reached clear majority consensus.

"On behalf of the Ho-Chunk Nation, I would like to provide a special thanks to Rep. Loudenbeck for her tireless leadership and dedication to preserving the heritage, history, culture and spiritual significance of our ancestry. She never wavered from her commitment to see this through and worked well with so many different interests to get the best outcome possible," said Ho-Chunk Nation President Wilfred Cleveland.

Act 223: was co-authored with Sen. Jerry Petrowski (R-Marathon) and removes the disincentive for municipalities to use a subtraction amendment to remove territory from a TID prior to termination by allowing the same levy limit adjustment to be made for TID territory subtractions as allowed under current law for TID terminations. 

“The League thanks Rep. Loudenbeck and Sen. Petrowski for initiating legislation allowing a municipality to make the same levy limit adjustment when subtracting territory from a TIF district as is currently allowed when a TIF district is closed. Act 223 will encourage communities to do TID territory subtractions when appropriate so that local units of government and taxpayers can benefit from the increase in the tax base,” said Curt Witynski, Deputy Executive Director of the Wisconsin League of Municipalities.  

Act 204: was co-authored with Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills). The bill signing today was attended by four constituents of Rep. Loudenbeck’s who were an active part of the legislative process, including a youth from Beloit who has first-hand experience with the hurdles to access mental health care.

“Concerns regarding the inability of unaccompanied youth to access mental health services were brought to my attention by staff at the School District of Beloit. I worked closely with several members of the Beloit community in drafting legislation that would help to get these teens care they need. I’m incredibly proud of the young lady from Beloit who came to Madison and testified in front of both the Assembly and Senate committees on her experience,” said Rep. Loudenbeck.

Act 204 waives the requirement for informed consent for outpatient mental health treatment of minors in emergency situations or where time and distance requirements preclude obtaining written consent before beginning treatment and a determination is made that potential harm may come to the patient or others before written consent is obtained. Act 204 requires that before this waiver could be used, the provider must have made an effort to obtain written consent from a parent or guardian of a minor patient. Additionally, under the provisions of Act 204 the waiver is limited to a period of 30 days, during which time informed consent shall be obtained in writing or the Mental Health Review Officer (MHRO) process shall be initiated. Act 204 specifically prohibits the health care provider from admitting a minor to an inpatient facility and prohibits the health care provider from prescribing medications to a minor seeking treatment for a mental health condition without the consent or a parent or guardian.   

Rep. Loudenbeck has three additional bills that are currently waiting for Governor Walker’s signature.