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 Representative Zimmerman Votes to Protect Pre-existing Conditions


 Madison, WI…Today Representative Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls) voted to protect pre-existing conditions for Wisconsin residents and eliminate lifetime caps. This bill fulfills yet another campaign promise while providing protection and stability to those with pre-existing conditions. 

“Many Wisconsinites are living with debilitating conditions that, through no fault of their own, previously excluded them from purchasing insurance,” said Representative Zimmerman. “Assembly Bill 1 guarantees that even if the Affordable Care Act were to be found unconstitutional, Wisconsinites would still have access to coverage.” 

Assembly Bill 1 (AB 1) will position Wisconsin as one of only five states that have adopted all three Affordable Care Act (ACA) protections, which are 1) denying someone a policy because they have a pre-existing condition, 2) refusing to cover services that people need to treat a pre-existing condition, or 3) charging a higher premium based on a person’s health status. Wisconsin has a history of covering different pre-existing conditions, adding autism treatments, cochlear implants and oral chemotherapy over the last decade. 

“Government should run like business in the real economy and get things done.  Progress and results are what matter. Passing AB 1 is a great start to this session and is real progress,” said Rep. Zimmerman. “As I talked to the residents from North Hudson to Roberts to River Falls, this was a high priority for many of them and to be able to accomplish passage of AB 1 so early in the session shows our constituents that we are serious about dealing with issues that they face every day.”

Shannon Zimmerman represents the 30th Assembly District which includes parts of St. Croix and Pierce Counties.

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