Catalytic Converter Bill signed into law Governor Evers signed Rep. Moses Bill to reduce catalytic converter thefts
Bill to Reduce Theft on Catalytic Converters Passes Assembly Unanimously From rural western Wisconsin to inner-city Milwaukee, catalytic converter thefts have skyrocketed in Wisconsin. This bill will designate a catalytic converter as a type of proprietary article.
Assembly Passes Legislation to Provide More Affordable Housing Wisconsin’s housing shortage is impacted by a variety of factors – like the inability to keep up with demand, rising construction costs and increasing rents. The bills passed will help create meaningful change in the 29th District and across our state.
Civics Education Bill Passes Assembly Under current law, three credits of social studies are required for high school graduation. This bill would require 0.5 of those three credits to be in civics.
Moses Statement on the State Budget The State Assembly approved the 2021-2023 state budget. The budget bill advanced out of the Assembly in bipartisan support. I’m hopeful our governor will sign this budget for our kids, for businesses and for our most vulnerable.
Truth in Food Labeling Bills Passes through Assembly As we celebrate June Dairy Month, the Assembly passes the Truth in Food Labeling Legislation for milk, meat and dairy products. The three bills promote Wisconsin's agriculture economy and educate consumers about misleading food labels.
Rep. Moses votes for workforce recovery legislation Rep. Moses voted for legislation to encourage unemployed individuals to return-to-work as businesses navigate a worker shortage. The bill ends Wisconsin’s participation in federal unemployment compensation enhancement programs which dis-incentivize returning to work.
National Skilled Trades Day Honoring Skilled Trades Day. We need to encourage more people to go into these high-demand well-paying jobs.
Fair Funding for Elections Rep. Moses statement on Assembly Bill 173 that prevents outside organizations from using their funds to attempt to infiltrate and influence the administration of our elections in Wisconsin.
Crucial Investments for a Crucial Time Assembly Republicans announced their spending priorities for the $3.2 billion Wisconsin is set to receive from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA).