Letter to DNR to Update Trails plans Legislative Trails Caucus asks DNR to update the trails plan in Wisconsin.
Letter to Biden regarding Ukrainian refugees Letter to President Biden regarding Ukrainian refugees
Letter to US Secretary of Commerce Support Letter for $100 Million Federal Challenge Grant for WI Forestry Industry. Wisconsin's Forestry products industry is largest in the nation, providing 39,000 jobs.
Letter Protecting Election Integrity Letter asking Wisconsin Congressional Delegation to stop efforts to allow federally run elections. The US Constitution states that elections should be reserved for the states.
Letter to President Biden from the Wisconsin Legislature A letter to President Biden from the Wisconsin Legislature concerning the recent events in Afghanistan.
Letter to Congressman Kind regarding the opioid epidemic Letter to Congressman Kind regarding the opioid and substance abuse affecting Western Wisconsin.
Requesting JFC to visit Western WI I sent a letter to JFC asking to host a Public Hearing at UW-Stout.
Asking to Direct Funds to In-Person Schools I joined my colleagues in the Assembly in asking Governor Evers to direct federal Governor's Emergency Education Relief funds to school districts that have been providing in-person instruction to their students.
Working Together Assembly Republicans asking the Governor to work with them as the past year has been difficult for Wisconsinites.
Bumping up Educators to Receive Vaccine I wrote a letter to Governor Evers asking to bump in-person teachers to group 1B. Many school districts across the state have partially or fully re-opened for in-person instruction while incorporating many of the CDC guidelines.