Sept. 1, 2021
Thank you for reading my e-update. It's been a busy month. I'm looking forward to sharing what I've been up to with you.
Catalytic Converter Bill

On Tuesday, August 24, I testified on Senate Bill 408 regulating scrap dealer purchases of catalytic converters. Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise all across the state of Wisconsin. Catalytic converters are stolen from vehicles for the precious metals inside the converter. Junk yards are purchasing them for $500 plus. Victims of these crimes can spend, on average $2000 to replace these converters. In some cases, insurance may not cover these repairs.

This bill attempts to disincentivize thefts by regulating the purchase and sale of catalytic converters. By adding these items to our state's "proprietary articles" list - which currently covers items like copper and aluminum conductors and wires, metal beer kegs, manhole covers, metal grave markers, and railroad track components, to name a few - this would create an ID requirement, proof of ownership, and a paper trail for scrap dealers' catalytic converter purchases. A scrap dealer must either receive evidence that establishes that the seller lawfully possesses the catalytic converter or must document the sale and inform law enforcement that the sale occurred. These steps will hopefully counteract the alarming trend in thefts by removing anonymity from sales and making it more difficult for these thieves to profit from their illegal acts.

Lieutenant Benrud made the drive to Madison to testify on SB 408. Lieutenant Benrud contacted me this spring about the increase catalytic thefts in our area. With his help, we were able to bring forth this bill with bi-partisan support. Thank you for sharing your personal stories about dealing with catalytic converter thefts while on the job.

Census Data has Arrived

With the arrival of the census data from the federal government, there is a new website that will allow any Wisconsin resident to participate in drawing of our new district lines. You can create a full statewide plan or a regional plan, or identify a community of interest. Submissions will be accepted September 1st - October 15th. The Wisconsin Constitution requires that the redrawing of the district lines follow the legislative process, and this is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved with that process.    

Redistricting occurs every 10 years with receipt of the new census data, but that data had been delayed due to Covid. Due to the delay, local governments are scrambling to adjust ward boundaries without time to hold hearings and adopt final plans. With that in mind, earlier this session my legislative Republican colleagues and I passed Assembly Bill (AB) 369, which would have adjusted the timeline for local redistricting and allow counties to adopt a tentative plan for county supervisory districts by February 22, 2022. Municipalities would then have had until May 15, 2022 to adopt new wards. Counties would then have 60 days thereafter to finalize their supervisory districts following the work of the municipalities. Unfortunately, Governor Evers vetoed this important legislation once it came to his desk. Now, even though the census data was delayed, local governments must continue to move forward with incredibly short timelines.

Update on Fort McCoy and Afghan Refugees
I first want to say thank you to all our service men and women past and present who have served our great country. The heinous acts we have witnessed have only just begun and will continue from this point forward. My prayers continue for those who were forgotten, stranded, and left to fight for their lives, as well as with the families of those who lost their loved ones during the attacks in Kabul. Here are some resources for our veterans who may be struggling during this time:

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs

Additional resources:

Psychological Health Resource Center

Call: 866-966-1020

inTransition Program

Call: 800-424-7877

The Military Crisis Line

Call: 1-800-273-8255 and press 1

Text: 838255


I have had many constituents contact my office about their concerns with Afghan Refugees coming to Fort McCoy.

We have been waiting to get accurate information from the Federal Government since it was announced that Fort McCoy would be receiving Afghan refugees. Rep. VanderMeer, who has Fort McCoy in her district, has been working very hard to get more information on who, what and how Fort McCoy will be used with the resettlement of Afghan refugees. Rep. VanderMeer’s office relayed this information to me about Fort McCoy:

  • At least a thousand additional Military personnel have been activated or sent to Fort McCoy to support their operations, and that includes at least 750 military police to aid with security on the installation.
  • Fort McCoy has the capacity to temporarily house up to 10,000 Afghans.
  • During the vetting process, they will be going through an identification process, education testing, biometric screening, and medical testing. Covid testing is a part of the medical process. If they are positive, they will be in quarantine. They will be offered the Covid vaccine as well.
  • Most of the individuals that arrive on the base will ultimately re-settle in other areas of the country for various reasons if that is an option for them.
  • At this time, there is not believed to be a need for schooling or employment in Monroe County or the Western Wisconsin area pertaining to this effort.
  • A number of non-profit organizations and faith groups are assisting Afghans at Fort McCoy, as well as the American Red Cross.
  • If you are looking for ways to help, or to make donations visit:

I understand the serious concerns that many Western Wisconsinites have with this. As more news comes out, I will continue praying for our troops and keeping tabs on what is happening nearby at Fort McCoy with the refugees coming in.

Out in the District

I had a wonderful afternoon with Representative Jesse James at The Heights, Menomonie's newest off-campus student housing facility. This place is amazing and if you are enrolled in any school, UW, CVTC, or private, you can live there.

I had a great time at the Health Freedom Revival in Somerset talking about maintaining our health freedoms.

I presented Derrick Construction and Pember Companies a Skilled Trades Day Resolution that was passed in May Session. We talked about the struggles and solutions their industries are facing with workforce shortages, licensing challenges and supply chain issues.

I enjoyed meeting constituents at the Dunn County GOP picnic this past month.


Blue Book Request

The arrival of the blue books will happen in sometime in September. If you would like a blue book, please click here.

As we say goodbye to the summer and say hello to the back-to-school season, I want to thank all of our school teachers for their continued dedication to educating our kids. I'd like to wish all students, parents and teachers in the 29th Assembly District a great school year ahead. 

All the best,

Rep. Moses
29th District
State Representative

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