Breaking Down the Budget

I want to first say thank you to everyone who returned budget surveys or completed them online.

Last week both houses passed the state budget with bipartisan support. I was told this was the first budget that has had bipartisan support since 2007. The budget has been sent to Governor Evers, who can sign it or use his partial veto powers to rewrite the document.

Here is a breakdown of the state budget:

Tax Cuts

Now is not the time to raises taxes as we continue to recover from the past year. Individuals, families and businesses know how to spend their hard-earned money better than the government. This is a historic tax cut for Wisconsin!

  • $3.4 Billion in tax relief
  • Eliminating the personal property tax for small businesses
  • The average Wisconsin Family will save $1,200 in income and property tax relief

K-12 Education

This state budget is making sure our kids are taken care of. K-12 education will benefit with historic state funding levels in addition to a massive influx in federal funds.

  • Met the federal Maintenance of Effort to capture $1.5 billion in additional federal funding
  • On average, school districts in Wisconsin will receive $2,898 Per pupil from federal ESSER funds alone.
  • Will achieve two-thirds funding for our schools. We have not reached the two-thirds funding since the '01-'03 budget which was over 20 years ago!
  • $86 million increase in special education
  • $12 million increase in mental health

Infrastructure & Broadband

Fixing our roads and bridges and access to internet were top priorities in the budget survey. Safe and reliable roads are essential for families, businesses and our economy. We know how important it is for our businesses and students in rural communities to have access to internet.

  • $125 million for the Rural Broadband Expansion Grant Program
  • Over $130 million for State Highway Program
  • $100 million for local roads and lowest transportation bonding in decades
  • All state highway rehabilitation projects will remain on schedule
This past year has been tough for our healthcare facilities. Our investment in accessible, quality health care will ensure more affordable high-quality healthcare that benefits all Wisconsin residents.
  • $440 million for nursing home rate increases, direct care and personal care increases
  • $290 million for caregiver workforce
  • $2 million increase for community health centers

Natural Resources

We are blessed in Wisconsin with all of our different outdoor recreation activities we have access to. We have beautiful state parks and very well maintained nature trails.

  • Knowles Nelson Stewardship reauthorized for 4 more years at the current funding of $33.25 million
  • $1.5 million for maintenance and development of state parks
  • $4 million more for Well Compensation Grants
  • $1.5 million increase for local ATV/UTV Trail aids
  • $200,000 increase for snowmobile aids


Our agriculture industry is the backbone of our state. We have seen how important our local meat processing industry is to our state last year. Wisconsin ranks first in many agriculture products; yet, somehow falls behind our neighboring states exporting agriculture products. We are investing big for our agriculture industry.

  • $800,000 for Meat Processor Grants
  • $1 million for Wisconsin Initiative for Agricultural Exports
  • $200,000 for Farmer Mental Health Assistance

Public Safety

  • Fully fund the EMS Funding Assistance Program at $2.2 million annually
  • $100,000 for Youth Volunteer Firefighter grants

Looking back on the budget process, it is quite different than one does for their family or business. The legislature put together a budget that will benefit everyone.


On July 1, I joined several other legislators for a regional press conference in Altoona to share how this budget benefits western Wisconsinites. 

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