Thank you for reading my weekly e-update. This week was another busy week in Madison with Assembly Floor Session. 
Truth in Food Labeling

The Truth in Food Labeling bills promote Wisconsin's agriculture economy and educate consumers about misleading food labels. As a co-author of one of the three bills, it's exciting to see these bills pass through the Assembly and help the agriculture community. Farmers feel very strongly about the integrity of food labeling and are frustrated by the misleading labeling that has invaded dairy and meat cases throughout our grocery stores.

Assembly Bill (AB) 73 will ensure that if a package says “cheese” or “yogurt”, the product actually has dairy in it. AB 74 will ensure that the only products that can be labeled as “milk” come from a cow or other hooved, such as a goat. Plant-based products will be required to be labeled as “drink” or “beverage”. AB75 would prohibit the labeling of food as meat if the food is not derived from the flesh of an animal, fish, mollusk or insect. The implementation of these labeling provisions will go into effect once 10 other states adopt similar food labeling legislation.

These bills aren’t a silver-bullet that will solve the problems for our ag-economy, but they are something we can do to protect and promote real, healthy, high-quality agricultural products to consumers. Finally, these bills will also put pressure on the federal government to take action on existing food labeling regulations that aren’t currently being enforced. You can watch my floor speech by clicking on the image below. 

Immunization Postcard Bill

Health-related communications should be private. HIPPA was established to protect individuals' medical records and other personal records. There are clinics and hospitals in our state currently sending personal health information via postcards. The postcards reveal a considerable amount of information about the person including their name, address, information about their health and what medical choices they have, or have not made. This does not protect patient privacy. Assembly Bill 132 will require information relating to a person's immunization status to be enclosed and sealed in the mail. No immunization information should be visible on the outside of the mail. This bill is crucial for patient privacy. As a co-author of this bill, it was nice to see bipartisan support on this bill. You can watch my floor speech by clicking on the image below. 

Election Integrity Bills

The comprehensive package of election reform bills passed in the Assembly came after numerous reports of clear, irrefutable evidence that there were irregularities in the administration of Wisconsin’s presidential election. By passing these bills, we are ensuring everyone is operating under the same set of rules throughout Wisconsin.

The package of bills include closing voter ID loopholes, standardizing procedures for ballot collecting, establishing a uniform observation distance for recount observers, protecting non-partisan transparent voting assistance for our seniors in long-term care facilities, and guaranteeing only the voter can make corrections on their own ballot. I want to engage more voters by insuring a fair process where everyone gets one vote in our democracy.

AB179, AB198, and AB201 successfully passed in the Assembly and Senate and have been sent to the Governor's desk. AB271 has been messaged to the Senate, where they will have the final vote before it reaches the Governor. 

Fund the Police

Shared revenue is designed to help municipalities fund services in their budget. If a community decides that it needs less public safety, it only makes sense that they also need less shared revenue. With AB 111, communities who decrease their police forces will see decrease shared revenue payments equal to the amount cut from the police force. The reduction amount is also redistributed between municipalities that didn’t cut funding for their police forces. The bill does allow for municipalities to enter into cooperative agreements to share law enforcement officers with other units of government or to transfer responsibility to another unit of government without having revenues cut.

Broadband Bill

This past year highlighted the need for broadband for students, people working from home and health care services where offered online. Roughly, 22% of our rural population does not have access to broadband compared to 0.23% of the urban areas of our state, according to the FCC. Nationally, Wisconsin ranks 36th for access in rural areas.

AB 371 will make the Broadband Expansion Grant Program more efficient and effective. The bill includes 15 technical changes and creating priority scoring for providers who apply for the program. The bill eliminates the underserved category of the broadband expansion grant and redefines unserved as any location with speeds less than 100 mbps download/20mbps upload. This will help provide greater accountability and direction to the program by ensuring that funds are not duplicating pre-existing networks and establishing a high internet baseline for all Wisconsinites and the state economy as a whole. As technology advances, we must make broadband services readily available to keep our state competitive for all who live, work and play in Wisconsin.

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Menomonie Fireworks over Lake Menomin at sundown -July 3d

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