Thank you for reading my weekly e-update. The past couple of weeks have been busy in Madison. I look forward to sharing with you what I've been up to.
Fixing Foundation Bills

The fixing foundation bills are a part of the legislative package to provide more affordable housing. I am going to go in-depth on two of the fixing foundation bills we passed this week. Assembly Bill (AB) 603 permits the certification of shovel-ready residential developments. This bill is similar to Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC) certification program in that it allows the promotion of construction of residential development sites in a short period of time if they are properly zoned, pass environmental assessments and impose minimal fees. Another bill included in the legislative package is AB 606 which creates a sales tax exemption for the resources used to construct workforce housing developments and rehabilitative programs. The building materials included in this bill are supplies, equipment, and landscaping. The individuals benefitted from this bill must have an income that does surpass 120% of the median household income. Eliminating this sales tax from already increasing supplies costs will allow for homebuilders and homeowners to build and improve their homes. I support this package of bills because areas like St. Croix County that are growing very fast is making it difficult for families to find affordable homes. These bills equip families with greater resources to build, restore and renovate their homes.

Agriculture Exports

Assembly Bill 314 was passed in a unanimous vote this week in the Assembly. AB 314 requires the WEDC to create a program to achieve export objectives which include increasing the value of dairy, meat, and crop exports by 25% by June 30, 2026. WEDC would devote $5 million to increase the state's agricultural exports. The bill specifies that half the total funds will be used to increase the export sales of milk, cheese, yogurt, whey, and other dairy products. The state of Wisconsin and farmers would benefit from this bill as it would accrue more revenue for the state and support our farmer’s hard work and dedication. The bill now awaits action by the Senate and Governor Evers.

Grants to Schools for Critical Incident Mapping 

Assembly Bill 482 creates a critical incident mapping grant program that would assist school districts and law enforcement during high pressure incidents. Many schools have made alterations and additions done through the years. Having an updated and accessible streamlined critical incident map available for all first responders means they can clear a building, neutralize any active shooters, and treat casualties quickly and safely. This would ensure that all parties involved, both first responders and school officials, can communicate and act based off the same language and blueprints, mitigating communication issues. This bill would benefit communities statewide and help improve our public safety infrastructure. AB 482 has support from both sides, and I look forward to Governor Evers signing this bill.

Reading Readiness

Assembly Bill 446 strengthens state reading screening standards and provides the framework for helping every child reach reading proficiency. In 1992, Wisconsin 4th graders ranked 6th in the Nation in the NAEP Reading Scores. In 2019, Wisconsin ranked 27th. Reading proficiency is one of the most important aspects of future success. Research shows that children who are poor readers by the end of third grade are likely to remain so for the rest of their lives and fall behind in other subjects. Some of the provisions include increase literacy assessment frequency from annually to three times per year and require schools to notify parents of their child's score, percentile rank and identify the child as "at-risk" as well as begin a reading intervention plan for that child. Currently parents are not notified and don't know if their child is not hitting grade level reading until 3rd grade. In short, AB 446 strengthens current literacy screening requirements and frequency to help identify struggling readers and get them the help they need earlier in their education. AB 446 passed in bipartisan support.

Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin

I had a great time last weekend at CSW Fall Experience. I am grateful to be a part of the chiropractic profession which has prepared me so well to serve the people of the 29th District. I was awarded the 2021 Champion for Chiropractic Award. Here I am pictured with incoming President Brian Wussow, DC, outgoing President Dr. Wade Anunson and Executive Director Dr. Steve Conway, JD.

In the District

I had the opportunity to spend a fun fall day at Bomaz Farms. They are a 3rd generation farm that milks 1,500 cows at this farm. I was very impressed with all the technology they incorporate at their farm.

Blue Books

If you requested a blue book, you should be receiving it in the mail any day now. If you would still like to request a free blue book, you may do so here.

Trick or Treat in the 29th District

Baldwin - Sunday, October 31 starts at dusk

Boyceville - 4th Annual Trunk-or-Treat on Main St - Sunday, October 31 from 5-6pm 

Boyceville – Sunday, October 31 from 5-7pm

Glenwood City – Sunday, October 31 from 5-8pm

Knapp - Sunday, October 31 from 5-8pm

Menomonie - Sunday, October 31 from 5-7pm

New Richmond and Woodville do not have set times for trick-or-treating on Halloween night. 


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