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Outdoor Recreation Meeting

The Office of Outdoor Recreation recently presented their strategic plan to increase outdoor recreation in Wisconsin to the Committee on Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation. The Office of Outdoor Recreation acts as a central hub for Wisconsin’s outdoor industry. They work with companies that produce outdoor recreation equipment, support communities with outdoor recreation activities and promote Wisconsin's outdoor recreation to nearby states. They talked about Wisconsinites newfound love for the outdoors in the past year due to Covid. Visits to state parks and purchases of fishing licenses both were up 14% compared to 2019. They talked about ways they work with Travel Wisconsin to advertise Wisconsin Outdoor Recreation in the State and in the Midwest. Wisconsin Outdoor Recreation contributes $7.8 billion to Wisconsin's gross domestic product (GDP). I was very impressed with all the work the Office of Outdoor Recreation is doing for our state.


Thoughts on President Biden's Vaccine Mandates

I’ve heard many concerns from constituents in the past week about President Biden proposed vaccine mandate for federal workers and private businesses exceeding 100 employees. Biden has gone well beyond his scope of power. Further, the vaccine mandate is extremely unconstitutional. People should be allowed to practice their right of private healthcare. While Biden’s vaccine mandate is still being developed by OSHA, I am adamantly opposed to any vaccine mandate.

Since I have taken office, I have been fighting for medical freedom. I am the author of Assembly Bill 309 that is a comprehensive bill that would prevent discrimination of any kind against persons who have chosen not to receive one or more vaccines. This means both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals will not be discriminated against, and prevented from equal access to education, services, employment, academia and more. This bill did receive a hearing back in June. The decision to get vaccinated should be a personal decision, not one made by the federal government. I will always stand against tyranny and government overreach.

Curriculum Transparency

On Sunday, I was at a well-attended event to talk about curriculum transparency in our k-12 schools. With so many students having some sort of virtual school learning in the past 2 years, parents got a peek into what was being taught in the classrooms and it became very concerning. Many parents were surprised by some of the topics their kids were learning about. We were able to have a great discussion on how important curriculum transparency is in our schools.

Blue Book Requests

2021-2022 Wisconsin Blue Books are now available! These Blue Books contain fun facts about Wisconsin and information about our officeholders and legislators. If you would like a blue book, click here.

Best of luck to all the hunters this fall. Check out the DNR website for season dates, hunting hours and rules. You can purchase licenses on the GoWild website.

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