MADISON, WI – Representative Magnafici (R – Dresser) has had the honor of
chairing the Assembly Committee on Family Law since the start of this year. As
chairperson, Gae oversees the incoming bills that affect families across the state of
Wisconsin by ensuring a fair and informative public hearing process.
Representative Magnafici said the following:

“On December 1st, I held a Public Hearing on thirteen bills ranging from legal
separations to adoptions. At a Public Hearing, the Committee members and I hear
both sides to vet any potential issues and the reason for the legislation before us.
These hearings are an essential part of the process as it allows us to keep the public
informed on the state of affairs and gather community feedback on policy

The goal will always be to keep your family law understandable, fair, and
straightforward. I am doing precisely that in the Assembly Committee on Family
Law. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to attend this hearing.”