Governor Evers' Hyper-Far-Left Budget Proposal Divides Wisconsin and Prioritizes Milwaukee and Madison


Representative Gae Magnafici of the 28th Assembly District expressed disappointment over Governor Evers' proposed budget for the next two years. The budget has been labeled as "hyper-far-left," and it is heavily focused on benefiting Milwaukee and Madison with extreme far-left proposals.


The representative urged for a more collaborative and balanced budget that could gain the support of Republicans and work towards the greater good of Wisconsin. Governor Evers has incorporated his entire liberal agenda into the state budget, allowing policies to be slipped into the budget without public input. This action essentially stifles the voice of the people and undermines the democratic process of the Wisconsin State Legislature.


The budget proposal has drawn criticism from the representative for taking from the poor and giving to the rich. The proposal allocates $290 million of taxpayer money to the already successful Milwaukee Brewers, while many of the constituents are struggling to afford the high cost of gas and other expenses associated with attending Brewers games. The proposed budget also requires a new $100 fee for a variance request to build a different type of well, affecting Wisconsin residents who need to construct a well that differs from the DNR guidelines due to unsuitable land.


The proposed budget has not met the needs of low- and middle-income constituents, and it falls short of being inclusive for all Wisconsinites. The Republican Legislature plans to reject the current budget and collaborate with the public to develop a new one that will better serve the interests of all Wisconsinites.


Representative Gae Magnafici from the 28th Assembly district is encouraging members of the public to share their feedback and express any concerns they may have by completing a survey or sending an email to You can also find this information and resources at