MADISON, WI - The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau recently released a memo detailing Governor Tony Evers’ past failures to cut Wisconsin families’ taxes. In total, Governor Evers has vetoed over $2.2 billion in tax relief and set the stage for more vetoes. Representative Gae Magnafici (R-Dresser) said the following:

“The Republican-controlled Legislature recently passed a new state budget and turned Governor Evers’ proposed wish-list into an actual budget capable of funding Wisconsin’s priorities. We are taking a $1 billion tax increase from Governor Evers and turning it into $3.4 billion in tax cuts.

This tax cut is so large that it will save the average family roughly $1,200 in income and property tax relief. Wisconsinites have weathered through an economy shut down by their governor, high unemployment, and low participation in the workforce. Wisconsinites deserve a tax cut.

Contrast that with a governor who over the last three years vetoed over $2.2 billion in tax relief sent to him by the Republican Legislature. Governor Evers recently threatened a full veto of the budget, risking bringing the total missed opportunity for Wisconsin families to $5.6 billion.

I am calling on Governor Evers to right the wrongs of previously vetoed tax relief. Legislative Republicans are giving Governor Evers another opportunity to do the right thing. I hope he takes it.”