DSPS Backlog – Column by Representative Magnafici (R-Dresser)

A recent wave of news articles across the state is shedding light on a significant issue that I have long said is impacting our communities: professional licensure delays. The nationwide healthcare worker shortage and unnecessary licensure delays mean that all Wisconsinites face the consequences, such as long waits for healthcare appointments and lower access to services. While these delays have spanned many employment sectors, the backlog has significantly impacted those seeking those in the medical field.

Throughout Northwest Wisconsin, I have heard about the impact this has on our students and how this hurts employers and patients in our community. When students and professionals are held up at every step of the process, it hurts their financial well-being, prevents healthcare agencies from staffing appropriately, and causes delays in patient care. These effects ripple throughout the entire system and have consequences for all people.

These professional licensure delays are another example of Governor Evers’ failed leadership. Agency after agency in Evers’ administration has consistently failed in its duty and serve Wisconsinites, including the Department of Workforce Development unemployment insurance debacle, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ negligence, and the Department of Health Service’s failure to protect elderly residents, among many other ongoing scandals.

While Evers has tried to blame anyone but the people administering the law and delaying the people of Wisconsin, the truth remains that Ever’s failed leadership has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. The legislature has allocated millions of dollars to the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) –and other agencies – to improve staffing and technology. Over ten new positions have been added in the past two budgets for Professional Trade and Regulation, and over $10 million was allocated for IT upgrades and online licensing. However, even with millions of legislative appropriations, our healthcare workers, eager to use their new skills and knowledge to serve their fellow Wisconsinites, continue to unnecessarily experience delays.

As Governor Evers and DSPS continue burying their heads in the sand, Wisconsinites suffer from their failures. It’s time for this mismanagement to end, so our residents can work up to their education and training level and Wisconsinites can receive the services they need. Please, if you are having any issues with DSPS, contact my office at Rep.Magnafici@legis.wi.gov.