Manufacturing is the lifeblood of Wisconsin. It’s an industry worth more than $60 billion, and employs nearly half a million Wisconsinites. Manufacturing, small and large, provides upward mobility for employees with high-paying, family-supporting jobs.

Last week I testified on my bill that helps the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC). They are a governmental organization that provides assistance to manufacturing startups by providing at-cost rental of factory equipment and space.

The NWRPC is generally considered tax-exempt due to the fact they're a level of government. However, state law does not explicitly say they are tax exempt. My bill, Senate Bill 560, clarifies their tax-exempt status.

If you're interested in learning more about this issue, you can watch me testify on the bill here.

Investment in K-12 education is at a historic high. Under Republican control, over a third of our state budget is allocated towards education. Over the past nine years, state aid for education has increased every year.

While spending is up, very little points towards an increase in student success.

That's why tomorrow I'm voting on a number of education bills, aimed at ensuring your tax money is being spent wisely.

I've previously written to you about my school spending transparency bill, but I'm also supporting a handful of other bills that support high-quality education.

Assembly Bill 446 strengthens state reading screening standards, provides transparency, and ensures teachers have the tools they need to help children falling behind.

Assembly Bill 563 creates a civics requirement for graduating high school. It ensures the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are taught to every student in Wisconsin. 

On Friday I had the honor to attend the Northlakes Community Clinic groundbreaking ceremony in Turtle Lake. 

The clinic provides high-quality healthcare to the region, and is crucial to the long-term health of the area. The expansion will include space for both dentists and mental health providers.

I've worked as a rural nurse. I understand how important access to high-quality healthcare is. That's why I've co-authored Assembly Bill 66, which increases grant funding for clinics like Northlakes Community Clinic.

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