banner resized.jpgApril 8th, 2021

Vaccine Passports

Lately, I've received calls and emails from Wisconsinites concerned about the implementation of so-called "Vaccine Passports". 

Vaccine Passports are digital or paper credentials that prove to businesses you're vaccinated. Think of it as a barcode that gets scanned to enter the grocery store.

Under current Wisconsin law, these passports are legal, with some businesses actively developing them.

That's why I introduced a bill to ban vaccine passports. Discrimination against customers based on your medical history is wrong. Some people cannot receive the vaccine and others don't have access. I cannot standby as businesses ban customers for not yet receiving a vaccine.

This week I introduced a bill to create a summer-long Sales Tax Holiday for industries impacted the most by COVID. 

With government-mandated closures across the state over the last year, many businesses that typically attract customers in droves are struggling to make ends meet. AB 242 is an attempt to rectify the wrongs perpetrated against these businesses by incentivizing Wisconsinites and tourists alike to spend money at the targeted industries.

Wisconsin faces a strong fiscal future with Legislative Republicans at the helm. The least the state can do as repayment for forcing the economy closed is incentivize customers to visit these once flourishing industries.

You can read the bill here.

Earlier this week I voted in support of Assembly Bill 236 which funds nursing homes an extra 150 million dollars. Part of why I became a nurse is to provide our seniors the best treatment possible.

Hopefully soon this bill will make it to the Governor's desk where he can join us in supporting seniors and those who care for them. Read about the bill here.

This week is National Library Week, so in celebration, Balsam Lake Public Library is holding a special event through the 10th. Show your library card to participating businesses for a chance to win a prize. Learn more here!


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