banner resized.jpgFebruary 4th, 2021

Today I voted to end Governor Evers' unconstitutional emergency order. 

According to the State Constitution, the office of the governor has broad powers to issue executive orders and declare health emergencies. The office of the governor does not have the same powers to unilaterally extend those orders without legislative support.

The only legal COVID-19 related emergency order was issued on March 12, 2020. Every subsequent order is an overreach from the Governor and an affront to the State Constitution. This has nothing to do with whether you should wear a mask or not, and everything to do with the checks and balances of government.

I took an oath to uphold and defend the State Constitution, and that’s what I did. If Governor Evers wants emergency powers a year after the start of the pandemic, he can promulgate rules through the process laid out in state law.


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