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  • July 2021

    • When will the Unemployment Crisis End⁉️ I've previously written to you about the state's failure to properly address the unemployment crisis. Some on the left bury their heads in the sand and claim a low unemployment rate means there is no issue. In reality, Wisconsin has a low unemployment rate because people are dropping out of the...
    • 💰 Two Billion 💲 in Tax Relief 💰 For a while, I've been sending emails about the state budget, the massive surplus the state found itself in, and the Republican tax cut. I'm thrilled to report that the Republican tax cut is now headed to your wallet. That means approximately $1,200 in tax relief to the typical Wisconsin family.
    • Rep. Magnafici Responds to Evers’ Partial Veto MADISON, WI – Representative Gae Magnafici (R – Dresser) released the following statement after Governor Evers partially vetoed the Republican budget and Personal Property Tax Relief, which in total cut taxes over $3.4 billion:
    • BREAKING: Evers Tax Cut Veto Totals Over $2.2 Billion Upon requesting information regarding Governor Evers' previous vetoes I learned the full extent of his past failures to cut Wisconsin families' taxes. According to the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, in total Governor Evers has vetoed over $2.2 billion in tax relief and is setting the stage
    • Evers Veto Costs Wisconsinites Over $2.2 Billion MADISON, WI - The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau recently released a memo detailing Governor Tony Evers’ past failures to cut Wisconsin families’ taxes. In total, Governor Evers has vetoed over $2.2 billion in tax relief and set the stage for more vetoes.