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Testifying on one of my bills in the State Affairs Committee. This legislation ensures Road America can continue its operations with regards to alcohol sales on their grounds.

Committee Hearings This Week

Four of the committees I sit on met this week for public hearings and executive sessions: Transportation, Mental Health, Children & Families, and State Affairs.


We heard testimony on legislation to: allow shooting of muskrats and beavers that are damaging roadways, pedestrian crossing of railways, veteran status on operator's licenses, and the discontinuation of certain special group plates.

In our executive session, we passed legislation to make changes to learner's permits for new drivers. The bill lowers the age to 15, increases the time for an instruction permit, and sets a minimum age for a probationary license.

Mental Health

The theme for this hearing in the Mental Health Committee was suicide prevention. We heard two bills, both that provide grants for suicide prevention. Specifically, grants to help prevent firearm suicides a and increase general suicide prevention programming.

Children & Families

This committee does a lot of great work, but there are many tough issues we have to face and work to find solutions. In this week's committee hearing we will hear the annual reports on child neglect, child death and serious injury, and sexual abuse in Out of Home Care. It is a truly heart-wrenching topic. We are committed to continuing our work to protect children across the state.

State Affairs

This week, we will have the first public hearing on my legislation dealing with retail alcohol sales at Road America. This is important legislation for tourism and economic growth here in the district, and I look forward to getting this bill passed this session.

We also heard testimony on equalization aids to school districts, paddlewheel raffles, and playing the national anthem at sporting events.

Spring Survey

The 2021 Spring Survey is now available on my website. If you are a constituent of the 27th Assembly District, please take the time to fill it out. You feedback is helpful as we begin the process of crafting the next state budget. Thanks!

Take the 2021 Spring Survey Here

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Budget Committee Listening Sessions

The Joint Finance Committee completes their statewide listening sessions today with the Virtual Listening Session...month as well.

The committee has created a website which is also a portal for constituents to provide input:

The JFC has also developed a dedicated email address for input only:

Upcoming Events Around the Area

SVRA Vintage Festival Weekend: May 14-16 at Road America. More information available here.

Mother's Day at Bookworm Gardens: May 8th and 9th. More information available here.