January 5th, 2018



Happy new year!  I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to another year of steady growth in Wisconsin.  We've come a long way in just a few years toward improving our state's business and investment climate and reining back the size and scope of government, and our efforts are paying off.  Wisconsin has never been a better place to live, work and invest!


The Assembly Housing and Real Estate Committee was back in action this week, considering a handful of ideas aimed at keeping housing costs under control in our communities.  If you like, you too can take a look at the proposals for yourself and let me know what you think!  AB 771, for example, would speed along the end of Wisconsin's rental housing weatherization inspection program and provide for more uniform rental housing inspections in cities and towns across the state.


As always, I encourage you to follow my updates on social media or contact my office directly with your questions.  Best wishes on your weekend!


Wisconsin, By the Numbers


64 Wisconsin counties will have at least one stream open to trout fishing this winter.  Got cabin fever?  The early catch-and-release trout season begins tomorrow, January 6th.


3,065,700 individuals were employed in Wisconsin as of November 2017.  That's an all-time record high!  Unemployment claims in our state are the lowest they've been in 30 years.  And we've added nearly 15,000 manufacturing jobs and more than 40,000 total private-sector jobs since December 2016!


19.2 percent of Wisconsin jewelry stores' sales during 2016 happened during the month of December.


$45,000 plus benefits will be yours if you are chosen to be Wisconsin's next "Alice in Dairyland," our state's official agricultural ambassador!  Applications are now being accepted and are due by February 1st.  Click here for details and application instructions.


$2,508 is the tax cut that a typical Wisconsin family of four might see as a result of Congress' recent federal tax code overhaul, says the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Everyone's situation is a little different, of course, but I think the majority of folks in our state are going to start taking home higher paychecks within just a few weeks; your employer should begin adjusting your federal income tax withholding very soon to comply with the new law.  Here in Wisconsin, our fiscal experts are hard at work studying the federal law's impact; watch for new legislation coming soon aimed at protecting you from any unintended state-level tax increases and making Wisconsin's tax laws as consistent as possible with the federal changes.


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